We are turning a new chapter. After almost six years of being entirely self-funded, we are bringing advertisement to Muftah in the hope of generating a revenue stream that can sustain our growth.

As with everything we do, advertising on Muftah will be tastefully done and curated. This means we will be hand-picking the organizations and companies that advertise on our site, with the goal of working with groups that share our values. Under no circumstances will we compromise our independence or content to suit an advertiser’s opinions, political or otherwise.

We hope that you will support this initiative by turning off your ad blockers, exploring some of the advertisers we feature on the site, and, even, advertising your own work on Muftah.

For those ┬áinterested in this last option, please email [email protected] to tell us a little bit about what you do and request our media kit.

We are pretty excited for this new period of exponential growth and hope you are too!

Thank you for your continued support of Muftah,

Muftah Editors