Sara Zia Ebrahimi is on a mission to support the young, creative members of the Iranian diaspora. Through her new project, “From the Mouth of the Lion,” Sara has created a platform to connect and publicize the work of Iranian artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative types born after 1979 and living outside Iran. A number of notable members of the Iranian diaspora have already joined her initiative, including Justin Mashouf, the 2 time Emmy award-winning Iranian- American film director who was also recently profiled on Muftah.

From the Mouth of the Lion includes an online portal, where diasporic Iranian artists can post information about themselves, and an offline component, involving a series of events that will showcase work from project participants.

In this podcast interview, we speak to Sara about the inspiration behind this initiative, the goals she hopes to achieve, and plans for future development.

Listen here:

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