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  • Steve Peterson

    I thought Trump was mean and ruthless during his TV show and will not vote for him. However, what about the other choices and why does Trump appeal to so many? Even kind, gentle men, for example are sick and tired of being castrated by Hillary and the men-hating feminists! The feminist movement was founded by and is led by men-hating lesbians – this will segway into the next point: people are equally fed up with fascist POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – it’s time to tell it like it is without all the “guilt for being honest” that is thrown in people’s faces. Leaders in the African-American community realize that poverty kills the human spirit – they also know that too many don’t give a damn about learning anything in school – tell it like it is! Folks who want cooperation with Russia admire both Putin and Trump for trying to get along as the US backs Ukrainian Catholic Nazis against Russia right now! Folks are sick and tired of gender and ethnic/race cards being played over and over and over, etc. I could go on and on …. Trump supporters are not all rednecks – many thoughtful independents support him as well. Again, I will not vote for Trump or any of the other losers in this upcoming election but many can understand the appeal of Trump to a wide variety of constituency. Thank you.

  • Steve Peterson

    If “Muftah” does not post my comment, my points about Political Correctness HAVE BEEN PROVEN BY YOU REFUSING TO POST SOMETHING THAT YOU FIND POLITICALLY “INCORRECT.” Don’t lecture me about frickin “democracy” because you have just proven THAT IT DOESN’T EXIST!