A performance of Khayaal Theater Company

A performance of Khayaal Theater Company

In Muftah’s continuing podcast series on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we speak with Luqman Ali, CEO of Khayaal Theater Company.

Founded in the UK in 1997, Khayaal, which means “imagination”, reinterprets classic Islamic literature for a contemporary audience to help create bridges of understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

As reflected on its website, the organization’s mission is to bring “together artists of different faith traditions to produce wisdom-oriented entertainment and theatre-in-education programs that celebrate the universal human dream of virtue. . . to creatively and imaginatively demonstrate the reconciliation and accord that is so needed in today’s world.”

While based just outside of London, in the city of Luton, Khayaal tours the UK, performing at schools, universities, and community centers.

In this podcast, we speak to Luqman about the inspiration behind Khayaal’s founding, how the organization has developed over the last sixteen years, the reaction to the group’s work, and the power of story telling, among other topics.

Listen here:

For a glimpse into the creative impact of Khayaal’s work, please take a few minutes to watch the video below:

Hearts & Minds Trailer from Khayaal Theatre on Vimeo.

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