Our latest Special Collection on the Art and Culture of Afghanistan and Pakistan features articles on topics ranging from the history of Pakistan’s rap scene, to the cultural implications of the television show ‘Afghan Star’, to the magic of Landay poetry. We have been fortunate to have original artwork created exclusively for the Special Collection by renowned Pakistani artist Muhammad Atif Khan.

Khan’s work incorporates images of diverse types and backgrounds into one overall creative piece using photo-editing software. Khan embellishes his creations with drawing and other eclectic pictures, taken from bank notes, postage stamps, and old books, to create new meanings and translations of familiar depictions. His work for Muftah, titled “Pathar kay sanam,” is completely based on found images. Roughly translated as “Stone Lovers,” the work focuses on the political gestures of Pakistani rulers toward the West. The masses are aware of everything, thanks to the media, but they remain little more than silent viewers.

Muhammad Atif Khan graduated with distinction in 1997 from the Department of Fine Art at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan. In 1998, Khan was awarded the UNESCO-ASHBURG Bursary for Artists. He received the Commonwealth Arts & Crafts Award in 2007. From 2005-06 and 2006, he was appointed an artist in residence at the Swansea Print Workshop in Wales, London Print Studio in England, and Glasgow Print Studio in Scotland.

Khan has participated in art workshops in India, Bangladesh, Jordan, and the UK. He has had several solo shows in Pakistan, the UK, Jordan, Switzerland, and India. Recently, he was commissioned to do a large scale work and print-based, site-specific installation for the opening show of The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Canada. Alongside his artistic practice, Khan has been a faculty member at the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan since 2005.

We at Muftah are passionate about bringing the artistic and cultural wealth of the region to our readers, and it is a particular pleasure to share Atif’s work with you. Using the image he created for our Special Collection, we have created a limited edition series of products, including posters and other items, which we are making available to our readers for a short period of time.

Please share these items widely with your friends. Sales will go directly toward building and supporting Muftah and our mission to feature diverse perspectives on global events that matter.


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