The following is a call for action from the Youth of the Jan25 Revolution in Egypt:

On May 13, 2012, the Egyptian Court of Appeals will review the 2 year prison sentence given to 4 socialist activists and co-founding members of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party (SPAP), Mohamed Atef [on Twitter @Atef_IS], Mostafa Mohie Al-Din [@Mohie84], Mostafa Shawky [@shawkyalgenawy], Mohamed Nagy [@muhamadnagy], along with 4 other young men for participating in a demonstration in solidarity with Egyptian Coptic Christians after the terror attack on Alexandria’s Church of the Two Saints left more than 26 Copts dead on December 30, 2010.

On January 3, 2011, the 8 activists were arrested by the Mubarak regime’s police force on manufactured riot charges based on illogical allegations, including beating dozens of soldiers, destroying 11 armored vehicles and 20 microbuses, and smashing the sidewalks and lamp posts.

A judge in the Misdemeanor Court released the activists pending trial. Although they could have been arrested at any point before the case was resolved, the 8 activists did not hesitate in participating in the great Jan25 revolution against the repression and dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak.

After the revolution’s success, many believed the case against the activists would be dropped, as the revolution was expected to end police repression against the peaceful right to protest. Many were surprised when the case remained ongoing. Surprise turned to shock when the 8 young men were sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and 100 L.E bail.

It has become clear that the Youth of Jan 25 have been subject to collective punishment for the revolution and for demanding Change, Freedom and Social Justice. Remnants of Mubarak’s toppled regime remain in power and have launched an open war against the revolution and its creators through the ongoing repression of protests, strikes and social justice demands. They have used all kinds of brutal tactics, such as killing, kidnapping, military trials and prison sentences.

The youth of the revolution in Egypt call upon freedom fighters all over the world – militants, human rights activists, trade unions, pro-freedom parliamentarians, solidarity movements etc.- to join their struggle to complete the revolution, assure the attainment of various freedoms, and fight all kinds of discrimination.

We call on all freedom fighters everywhere to make May 5, 2012 a day of action to support the Youth of Jan25 revolution, Mostafa Mohie Al-Din, Mohamed Atef, Mostafa Shawky, Mohamed Nagy and their 4 comrades, against their prison sentences by:

– Official Statements by different human rights organizations, solidarity movements, trade unions, civil society supporters/members etc to be submitted to the Egyptian government via Egyptian embassies              worldwide.

– Holding demonstrations and protests in front of Egyptian embassies everywhere.

– Submitting op/eds or other written pieces on the case to newspapers and media outlets.

– Tweeting on #Masara for solidarity with @Atef_IS, @Mohie84, @shawkyalgenawy, @muhamadnagy and their comrades.

We are keen on making May 5, 2012 a day of action to rescue 8 revolutionaries from jail, and support them in their continued struggle against dictatorship and religious discrimination.

We hope to make May 5 a massive day of solidarity and support for the Egyptian revolution and its youth.

Long Live the Revolution

Long Live Occupy Everywhere


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