Muftah is putting together a Special Collection of articles that will examine leftist discourse on the Syrian revolution. It is our hope that this Special Collection will feature contrasting and conflicting viewpoints on the war in Syria, specifically from within leftist circles. We are especially interested in articles that eschew Western-centric analyses and highlight the narratives of Syrians.

We are seeking unique, cogent submissions of up to 2500 words, and welcome a range of perspectives on any of the following topics:

  • Ideological rifts among leftists on Syria
  • The left’s responsibilities on Syria
  • The left’s failures or successes on Syria
  • Support of and opposition to foreign involvement in Syria
  • Differentiating between moderates and extremists in Syria
  • Perspectives on humanitarian intervention in Syria

Submissions are due October 17, 2016. Please email articles to [email protected]. For additional information about Muftah, please read Our Mission page here.

Please note that we will only be able to respond to those authors whose submissions are accepted for publication.

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