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Muftah is putting together a Special Collection that looks at the intersection between popular culture and politics in the Middle East and North Africa in the twenty-first century.

The types of pop culture people in the region consume, and who produces these different forms of pop culture have undergone vast transformations and are inextricably tied with political and social changes. Online meme culture on social media platforms, for example, functions as a form of political and social commentary. New sha’abi, rap, and other indie music scenes have flourished throughout Arab Spring countries, Iran, Turkey, and beyond.

In this collection, we hope to explore how different pop culture scenes function as a form of continued resistance to state repression and to look at how mainstream pop culture reinforces state-sanctioned ideas, among other topics. We are looking for fresh, well-written, and thought-provoking submissions between 1000-2500 words that address these and other related questions.

Submissions are due August 20, 2017. Please email articles to [email protected]. For additional information about Muftah, please read Our Mission page here.

Please note that we can only respond to those authors whose submissions are accepted for publication.

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