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  • In 1 of July of 1867, the first country to gave up of Death Penalty- Portugal- oppened a door in mankind History: Human Life is ABOVE the Law. If someone want & wish to do Justice understand this very well. If someone wants to do something else use Justice to KILL people.
    A Country who use Death Penalty as Justice is not doing Justice. Look to U.S. or Iran, or any arabe country … They use Death Penalty as a weapon against citizens.

    If Libya just wish to do Justice with Saif bcs is a way to Kill him/ ASSASSINAT him in a way that world will say: was “Legal” I Alert U that EXIST A LITTLE COUNTRY WITH 10million ppl that are living 143 years of a Life without Death Penalty, that will Say: HEY LIBYAN PEOPLE YOU CAN DO BETTER! YOU CAN REALLY CHANGE FOR GOOD YOUR COUNTRY! HEY LIBYAN PEOPLE: HUMAN LIFE IS ABOVE THE LAW,& With Saif You have the Opportunity to Really to JUSTICE and more: DO HISTORY! … This Humble people fro Iberia wish you be wise, and be wise is choose LIFE. Choose life for all Libyans, so many people die and are diying … and If Saif told about “River of Blood”, You know that Libyan Rebels Did it! I personally after watch the Videos that Libyan Rebels spreaded, I – A Portuguese with 143 years of heritage of a Life without Death Penalty – I Say “Oceans of Blood”. I Get shocked with Rebels Praxis! Media helped to Hid Rebels Crimes … But Remember that in 21 st century aren’t only the “Winner” that are writing the History! … So. With Saif Case You have the Opportunity to do History! Yes! You have! “Human Life is Above the Law” … I think if you think You will Understand: what all Libyans NEED NOW IS: LIFE! … Pls don’t lose more time Killing each other. Pls do a PACT OF LIFE in Between all of you. Be Brave: face Life. Death is the tool of Cowards and of people without Imagination. At Least: Nobody is GOD/ ALLA to take Life to any one! … I info. You: any country who speaks Portuguese has Death Penalty as Justice. We are 270million people who speaks Portuguese and living a Life without Death Penalty! If U -Libyans – decid to abolish Death Penalty, Pls remember: U ARE NOT ALONE! The Portuguese speakers in all world will remeber your decision! Specially us the Portugueses ( from Europe) the 1 st people in the world to have Life as the 1st constitucional Right! Even our dictatorship of 40 years respected that Principle. Pls, acept this aboservation as a wish for Libya write a Positive History after this Feb17 Oceon of Blood, did by Rebels using extrem Cruelty! Yes. Saif is Naif, essentially! But as world could see: Saif is not only a GOOD Libya. Saif is a GOOD MAN! Thank You. From Portugal with Hope all Libyans lives be above the Law under the new constitution.

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