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Whether you ask me now

5 years ago

30 years from now


I don’t think I could tell you if home is a place

A feeling

A time

A person

Or plural


“When I go home”


The hotel I spend 2 nights at

My parents’ house

My friend’s place where I’m crashing for a week

A stranger’s home we’re renting



Collapsing into my bed after 4 weeks of country hopping,

I’m relieved to finally be home.


In a country I’ve never been to before

Where I don’t speak the language

Where I have no ties

But I feel like I’ve never been home until





Every library I have ever stepped foot in is a home

A reliable familiarity that embraces me


My dad’s name

My grandfather’s name

My family name

Trigger alarm bells at passport control in Tel Aviv



A country that will never claim me

but held me and raised me for 7 years

Somehow home too


I’m back home in an I-HOP

In my hometown that I never left

With 2 best friends


I’m more at home eating kibbeh

Sipping tea in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Thessaloniki

More than I am in the apartment I go home to every night for 3 months


This hospital is a home I wish I never knew




When they tell me they don’t need to see me so much anymore

A part of me feels like I lost something  


I take a little piece of home

In bags of homemade za’atar

Back home with me


Someone assumes I’m not from here

Someone assumes I am

I’m not sure who’s right

If anyone’s right


The mosque is a fickle home

A structure that at times welcomes me

At times seems to tell me to leave


No matter which home I’m in at the moment

A part of me always feels like home is somewhere else

Someone else

Something else

That part of me wonders

Will I spend my whole life in search of a home?

Or will my heart learn to find rest in many?