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  • Marianne Kelly

    Please ask the daughters of Saud(i): What can we in the West best do to help?

  • GeriGreene

    Horrendous male chauvinistic pig

  • Emma Jane Barratt

    The UK government haven’t done anything to stop this type of treatment because David Cameron wants to do the same. But instead of a battle of the sexes David Cameron has created the battle of the classes. The rich treated like royalty and the working class, poor and disabled not even human. He is starving and criminalised the working class and poor by raising taxes and cutting benefits ( even sanctioning people and then officially classing it as in work) so the rich can live tax free.

  • nust

    Absolutely ridiculous. Saudi men should be lashed on a daily basis for such behaviour. What makes them think they are so superior to women? They were born of women, for goodness’ sake. And the West isn’t going to do shit about these women. Apparently, the West’s stand for “women rights” is only in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan – not for Saudia because oh, eye, el.

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    Ask your U.S. government to stop supporting Israel (for whom they instill puppet leaders in Muslim countries like this, so to remain quite over ethnic-cleansing of Palestinians).

    Remember always, these autocrat puppet-leaders prolong their stay in power by introducing such harsh conditions against their nation, to silence them.

  • I_just_noticed

    The entire Gulf region treats women like dogs, and you bring up Israel and Palestine? I’m female, and I’ve been to Ramallah. Israel does not treat women Palestinians ANY different than male. Yes, there are restrictions on there freedom of movement, which is a clear violation of human rights. But you are completely TWISTING the situation. The Palestinian Authority has full control over its parts of the West Bank– not Israel. Women there are subject to Palestinian law, not Israeli. Israeli control regards movement only– not women’s rights. Educate yourself. As a female in Ramallah, I witnessed a patriarchal society (women rarely went out at night), but NOTHING compared to what Muslim women face in sovereign Muslim states like Qatar, Oman, Saudi, UAE– the list goes on. But, instead of focusing on how horrifically oppressive these states are and how they violate human rights with impunity, you make some ridiculously false, uneducated analogy to Israel, which controls freedom of movement in the territories, but has no influence beyond that.

  • Maryam Gamal

    Let’s spread this hashtag and get the social media’s attention on this matter! #‎Free_Saudi_Women‬ ‪#‎Saudi_Women_Abuse‬

  • Melvin John

    Human Rights is essential towards creating healthy living and the tenants regarding them should be normalized between Nations offering Good Well and Friendship. Creating a Normalization is Critical thinking that will allow a continued partnership that will allow each Nation to build a reciprocal relationship of Society. Allowing the release of these women is one small step toward full normalization effect to become common place among Nations wishing to bring about continued reciprocal dialogue full of opportunities for each.

  • Tallat Nosheen

    I do believe Saudi elite and society is highly barbaric; however’ the above account seems fake and exaggerated.

    How come these ladies enjoy internet connection if they are isolated and confined?

    How come they and their pets surviving without food and water for so long?

    How come they are wearing western dresses (jeans etc) while they are not even allowed to go out shopping?

    Whereas, Saudi rulers are powerful enough to kill them and bury their bodies without even letting anyone know, why should they leave them like this to defame them?

    These and many other question marks are there that makes the story fabricated and exaggerated.

  • Vanessa Broughton

    Hillary Clinton can’t just go making demands in another country.

  • Vanessa Broughton

    God bless these women. I couldn’t imagine being kept and tortured.

  • Andrew Anglin

    This is the exact situation we at the Daily Stormer website wish for the entire Western World, and hope dearly to place women in their place while we pursue the male ideal of communal showering, bodybuilding, and artificial wombs to raise our young.

    A shout out to my Jewish and Moslem friends who have helped me to achieve such a wonderful worldview.

  • Cynthia Blaylock

    For the sisters who are being held in prision at home by there prince dad..hold on to Faith..Pray to God and His only begotten Son Jesus.He and He alone will set you woman free!!!! Ask Jesus into your heart and to live inside of you and He Jesus promises you He will set you free!!! To the held hostage sisters..Ask have nothing to loose..but you have EVERYTHING to GAIN!! I AM PRAYING FOR YOU..FOR YOUR STRENGTH HOPE and LOVE. To the woman of Saudia Arabia..Do the same so you can also become Free!! And for us here in the USA President Donald Trump needs to help you woman..ALL OF YOU!! any way he can..God Bless You ALL MY FRIENDS AND SISTERS! I AM PRAYING FOR YOUR RELEASE!!!