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The Israeli regime has long promoted anti-Iranian policies to try and weaken Tehran. As Israel continues to intensify its strategic cooperation with Sunni Arab governments, which have long antagonized Iran, the apartheid state is now officially promoting anti-Shiite propaganda.

In two videos published on social media on June 6, Avichay Adraee, the IDF’s (Israel “Defense” Forces) Arabic-speaking representative, dehumanizes Shiite Muslims and aggressively calls on Sunnis to fight against an alleged Shiite and Iranian threat.

The IDF propagandist fantasizes about the danger of “Iranian terrorism” which has supposedly been trying to overtake Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa mosque, an important site for Palestinians and Muslims globally, since the “Shia revolution in 1979.” In his statement, Adraee appropriates a quote from Prophet Mohammad, saying “whoever resembles a people, is one of them,” and uses it to blast Hamas as “terrorists” who have been “acting like Iranians.” Speaking directly to Hamas, Adraee says: “You have officially become Shia.”

Adraee also addresses followers of Wahhabism, underscoring Israel’s willingness to support any policies that threaten Shiite populations. The tenants of Wahhabism have been adopted by groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. Quoting the Wahhabi scholars Ibn Taymiyyah and Mohammad bin Abd Al Wahab, Adraee refers to them as “enlightened Salafis.”

Passionately repeating his racist anti-Shiite incitement, Adraee says the followers of the Sunnah are innocent and tells his Sunni audience that “Allah knows what you do not know.” Continuing with his rant, he warns Sunnis that tolerating Shiism, which he defines as “corrupt,” would lead to their destruction and will be punished in the afterlife.

As dangerous as Adraee’s propaganda is, it is part and parcel of Israeli policy. Israel does not fear so-called Sunni fundamentalism. It embraces it for its strategic goals. Itself an extremist ideology, Zionism’s very survival has always depended on alliances with right-wing, fascist, and fundamentalist fractions – from Neo-Nazis to white supremacists and evangelical extremists.

The Zionist state has fueled religious extremism and hatred transnationally. This it has in common with its ally, Saudi Arabia. Under the leadership of Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has, in recent months, made its cordial, strategic alliance with the Zionist state increasingly public. Israel’s relations with other Sunni Arab governments are also improving beyond imagination.

While Israel has long spread harsh, and at times comical, propaganda about Iran, Adraee’s recent hate speech shows the Zionist regime’s sectarian extremism is only increasing.

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