Exactly two years (this Saturday) after then-20-year-old Haim Mola, and a group of his fellow Jewish Israelis firebombed the homes of several African families and an African nursery in Tel Aviv, their acts of terrorism can be considered unqualified successes in terms of influencing the Israeli government’s agenda. Rather than punishing them for their actions, the state has rewarded the group by implementing public policies that support its racist agenda. In the past twenty-four months, Israel has deported thousands of non-Jewish Africans from the country and the Netanyahu government has declared that it will not rest until the remaining 50,000 are expelled, as well.

In a country where human rights are respected and racist violence is abhorred, such despicable acts would have been punished severely. Elected leaders would have expressed solidarity with the community under attack and publicly proclaimed the terrorists’ professed goals— the expulsion of all non-Jewish Africans — would never be achieved.

But, Israel is no such country. Here, the human rights of non-Jewish Africans are not respected, because a majority of Jewish Israelis do not view them as humans deserving of rights, but rather as a form of “cancer”. Here, racist violence against non-Jewish Africans is not abhorred; in fact, according to a survey by the Israel Democracy Institute, a third of Jewish Israelis openly support such actions.

An Israeli court released the terrorist Haim Mola eight months after his rampage without sentencing him to a single day in jail. The same month, the Israeli government deported the man who ran the firebombed nursery back to Africa.

Although I have been reporting on Israel’s war on Africans for the past four years, the issue has received only scant attention in the mainstream media. Therefore, I decided this year to travel to North America for a one month tour of communities and college campuses to raise awareness about the plight of non-Jewish African asylum-seekers in Israel.

The video featured below is a recording of one of my stops on this cross-continental tour, at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. In this 72-minute presentation (which includes a slideshow), I examine the causes of Israel’s African refugee crisis and document in detail the horrific depths  the Israeli state has unashamedly plumbed to achieve its goal of ethno-religious purity.

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