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  • Saif H.

    Marcia, please be level headed. Arab countries shouldn’t have to clean up the mess of Israel. Although they shouldn’t have to, they do regardless. Qatar donates billions of dollars to rebuild Gaza after the various systematized genocides Israel commits. Jordan is 80% Palestinian. Various Levantine countries house Palestinian refugee camps, unlike the aftermath of the Holocaust in which many countries refused to intake Jewish refugees. To deal with the atrocities committed during the Holocaust, the international community decided to superimpose a false identity of a Jewish state on top of an existing rich and dated culture of antiquity.

    Unlike the word “Jew” which denotes both an ethno-religious and ethno-cultural identity that has become blurred throughout history to represent an obscure people, the word “Palestinian” refers to an actual people of genetic lineage of a specific region.

    Israeli culture is mostly fabricated as it was invented in 1948 and borrowed from the culture of the indigenous Palestinian people whether of Architecture, Music, Art, and Literature. Your argument about the letter “P” just reveals your naivete. Although a Palestinian state does not exist in the status quo because of the illegal occupation of land, you cannot deny the millions of people who exist that will continue to tell the story of the biggest scandal of the 20th century that they continue to suffer from. You can deny Palestinian representation, identity, and land, but you cannot in no means deny Palestinian blood, body, and mind. The Palestinians are Abrahamic people who have more of a attachment to the land than the European Jews who’ve migrated their.

    The Holy Quran makes no mention of either stoning or cutting off heads, so clearly you haven’t read it.

  • Herzl

    Deema, what are you talking about? Show me empirical EVIDENCE, supporting anything you are saying… PLEASE.

  • Herzl

    Rediculous freedom of hatred is going on in this article and site. Fools!

  • Herzl

    It’s disgusting to see how illicit INTENTION allows itself free interpretation to serve its own propaganda. There is NO rape implied in this. Fact is, no Arab women are coming forward complaining about rape, no half and half children there to prove it. So why are YOU promoting this invention?

  • Romi Elnagar

    Since the US shovels three billion a year and more at the Zionist state, they evidently figure they can get away with a lot.

  • Romi Elnagar

    If Israeli soldiers are accused of raping their own comrades-in-arms, why shouldn’t they be accused of raping people over whom they have complete control?

  • Romi Elnagar

    Saif, Your arguments are eminently logical, but you are not arguing with someone who can reason. It is a waste of your time.