When it comes to American politics, louder and bolder is apparently better, regardless of truthfulness or accuracy. No one exemplifies this reality better than Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, who has increasingly dominated the airwaves and conversation this election season.

Over the last few months, Trump’s candidacy has gone from farce to viable, legitimate campaign. Since voting ended in several primaries on March 1, a day known as Super Tuesday, Trump has come even closer to winning the Republican nomination and, quite possibly, the presidency.

Trump supporters, including some Muslim Americans, have cited his outsider status, business savvy, toughness, and willingness to speak the “truth,” no matter how offensive, as reasons why he is their preferred candidate.

John Oliver, the comedian and host of HBO news satire show, Last Week Tonight, isn’t buying these claims about Trump’s character. In a carefully crafted, segment that aired on February 28, the comedian poked deep holes in Trump’s perceived honesty, strength, and success. Since first airing, Oliver’s rant has gone viral and, at the time of this writing, reached almost 14 million views.

For all those who are deeply concerned about the increasing possibility of a Trump presidency and what it will mean for the United States, watch Oliver’s segment and make sure to share it far and wide.

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