Muftah’s podcast page is a vital part of our work, allowing us to feature important voices, like journalist Sanaa Ahmad, and profile critical stories, like the “You Stink” protest in Lebanon. Now, we want to take our podcasts to the next level, with the help of a new podcast “guru” who is experienced and ready to jump in feet first, as follows:

  • The podcast guru should be experienced with audio editing programs, such as Sound Forge, Audacity, and Pro Tools, and have at least one of these programs on a computer he/she can regularly access.
  • The guru should be comfortable “cleaning up” audio submitted by editors and other staff that oftentimes does not have the best quality due to poor Skype connections, recording glitches, etc. On a typical interview recording, the guru will have to make volume adjustments, eliminate stretches of silence that appear because of glitches, and reduce background noise.
  • The guru should be comfortable cutting and pasting bits of audio, fading in and out of various segments, and mixing different sounds (i.e. music and speaking).
  • Since the maximum podcast length is typically 30 minutes, the guru will have to make editorial decisions as to what should be cut on interviews that greatly exceed this length. Therefore, experience with radio editing, a knack for curating audio stories, and related skills will be very useful. In general, gurus should have experience identifying and culling the most evocative and interesting audio segments from a long sound file.
  • The guru will be responsible for producing original podcasts in addition to editing. He/she should have some experience coming up with story ideas, selecting interview candidates, writing interview questions, and conducting interviews

The average time commitment for this position is approximately 8-10 hours a month. A minimum 9 month commitment is required. As a volunteer-driven organization, Muftah cannot provide compensation at this time. Candidates should send their resume and cover letter, detailing their interest in the position, to [email protected] Applications that do not contain these materials will not be eligible for consideration.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 22, 2016. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

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