Dear Readers,

Like many of you, many of us are feeling sad, hurt, and confused after recent events. It seems like everywhere we look some major political figure or influential individual is saying or doing something bigoted. We’ve lost track of the number of hate crimes that have happened just in the United States, over the last few weeks – according to ThinkProgress, there have been over thirty attacks (and counting) against Muslims alone.

While we try and share as much information as we can, to hopefully educate and inform the people around us, it doesn’t feel like enough.

We want to do more. So, we’ve decided to hold our first live, in-person event in Washington D.C.

The Goal: To provide a space for people to share their thoughts, concerns, and desire for action – to not just talk about how we feel, but also brainstorm concrete ways to combat intolerance in our communities

When: December 17, 2015, from 6:30-8:30 pm

Where: Potter’s House, an incredible space with a long history of social justice activism

Address: 1658 Columbia Road, NW, Washington DC 20009

For more information: Email us at [email protected] and join the Facebook event page here.

We will also be live tweeting the event from our account @MuftahOrg, so those who aren’t in Washington D.C. can participate as well.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you all.


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