Confused by what’s happening in Egypt?

The following suggested articles and links may not clear anything up, but they definitely present important observations, arguments, challenges, and opinions from a variety of sources which will enrich your understanding of current events.

Must Reads from the Muftah Archives:

Thalia Beaty translates the newspaper headlines which dramatically signaled the presence of the armed forces.

Reading the Headlines: The Egyptian Army Returns by Thalia Beaty


Prior to scheduled demonstrations, Morsi addressed the nation in a nearly three hour long speech on Wednesday, June 26, and Caroline Abadeer writes about his main points. Egypt Source posted a full, translated transcript of the speech.  

Morsi Warns of the Consequences of Unrest by Caroline Abadeer


A message from a group of Egyptians inside and outside Egypt, directed to an international audience, explaining the reasons and goals behind the upcoming June 30, 2013 protests in the country.

A Video Message From Egyptians to the World: On the June 30 Protests in Egypt


These articles both review the Muslim Brotherhood’s performance as the incumbent ruling power. Sarah Jones writes about protests in January and February, and Sarah Eltantawi a ten-month review.

Recent Riots Demand Change in Focus for Muslim Brotherhood by Sarah Jones

Ten Months of Mediocre Muslim Brotherhood by Sarah Eltantawi


Many Egyptians are unsatisfied with the lack of economic growth since Morsi was elected. To gain a better understanding of the economic woes underscoring much of the unrest in Egypt, these two pieces offer wonderful insight into Egypt’s current subsidies and payments problems.

The Egyptian Subsidies Gamble by Andrew Leber

Egypt Walks Balance of Payments Tightrope by Peter Volkmar


In November last year, Morsi announced a new constitution would be voted on in December. The controversial document, controversial because of the way it was written as much as its content, was passed and remains the legal framework in Egypt. For a clearer picture of the role of religion in the Constitution

Sharia: Between the Constitutional and Symbolic Spheres in Egypt by Alexis Blouet


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Must Reads from around the Web:

All written before the demonstrations, the articles above identify the major players and challenges as Egypt navigates the complicated revolutionary process.

The Delegitimization of Mohamed Morsi by Issander El Amrani

Two-Against-One Politics Threaten to Drive Egypt over the Edge by Michele Dunne

Will June 30 be midnight for Morsi’s Cinderella Story? by Nathan Brown


These two links are articulate, personal reflections on the moods in Cairo leading up to June 30.

Petrol Stations, Panic Stations by Sarah Carr

Back to the Margins by Lina Attalah


A short article published today on the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party’s website about the demonstrations yesterday, offering insight into the Party’s willingness to compromise. (Arabic version here)

Imaginary Protests in Downtown Cairo and the Streets of Giza by Reda Abdel-Wodoud


 For Continuous Coverage (in English) of Events in Egypt:

Mada Masr

Live updates from Ahram Online

On Twitter, journalists Evan Hill, Rawya Rageh, and Bel Trew


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