It’s only been a few days since Deah Barakt, 23, Yusor Abu-Salha, 21, and Razan Abu-Salha, 19, were killed, execution-style, in their home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by a neighbor, 46-year old Craig Stephen Hicks. The three victims were American Mulisms, and their killer, an avowed atheist. For many, the equation adds up to a hate crime motivated by Islamophobia. For others, Hicks was reacting to a “parking dispute” with the victims.

If parking disputes are the new euphemism for Islamophobia, then the number of “parking disputes” seems to have dramatically increased since the Chapel Hill Shootings on February 10, 2015. Here’s a flavor of what it’s like to be Muslim in America these days.

WARNING: some of these images contain graphic language

Please note, these stories are unverified and the identity of the victims has been withheld


1. “Watch the f*ck out, we’re killing all of you”

Feb 11


2.  “Go Back to Your Country, or better yet go to North Carolina”

Feb 11_1

3. “I’m outraged that there were only 3 Muslims killed! Killed them all!”

Feb 11_2


4. Muslim women are disproportionately the targets of Islamophobia

Feb 12

5. On February 12, a American Muslim man and his hijab-clad young daughter were attacked at a Kroger in Dearborn, Michigan. Yes, Dearborn – a city with one of the highest Arab-American populations in the United States

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.48.22 PM


6. On February 13, a fire broke out at an Islamic center in Houston, which the police are investigating as arson. Here’s how some people reacted to the news

Feb 13_1


Feb 14


7. “You don’t deserve to live here, or really anywhere, because you’re all nothin more than beasts on two legs”

Feb 13


8. “Go back to Middle East, go back to your country, go jump off a cliff with your Moslem buddies.”

Feb 13_2


9. “We called the police to show them the footage from the camera showing our neighbor making 9 motions with what appears to be a knife on our tire”

Feb 13_3




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