2015 was an amazing year here at Muftah. We doubled our reach compared to 2014 and nearly quadrupled it compared to 2013. We also had several articles that profoundly exceeded our expectations and went viral within a few minutes of publication. We’ve put together our top 10 performing articles from 2015, below. We look forward to reaching new heights, uncovering more under covered stories, and sharing more thoughtful and thought provoking perspectives on the world with you in 2016.

1. IDF Kills Hebron Peace Activist, Hashem Azzeh by Muftah

2. “Ancient and Dazzling Cultures”: Why Western Journalism is STILL Failing the Middle East by Sarah Moawad

3. Homeland’s Islamophobia Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon by Erin Kilbride

4. Saudi Arabia Has Devastated Pakistan’s History of Religious Tolerance and Diversity by Kamal Alam

5. Here’s What You Can Do to Help Refugees Fleeing War and Crisis by Muftah

6. ISIS’s Aversion to Sykes-Picot Tells Us Much about the Groups Future Plans by Meghan Tinsley

7. Academics Are Losing the War over the Middle East to the Thomas Friedmans of the World by Neeshat Afyonkara

8. Earth Iftars Have Become a Symbol of Protest against the AKP by Claire Sadar

9. Wahhabism Is Islam’s Greatest Threat by Mohammed Daadaoui

10. King Abdullah Was Not a Reformer. Here’s 10 People in the Gulf Who Are by Erin Kilbride

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