Pop art by Oussama Diab (Image credit: Cnn.com)


CNN recently profiled how an artist in Damascus, Oussama Diab, is using pop art to represent the conflict in Syria:


As bloody unrest has raged around him, artist Oussama Diab has been formulating his own response to Syria’s civil war — through art.

Diab, a 35-year-old painter born of Palestinian parents in Damascus and still living in Syria’s capital, has a new exhibition of works he has created this year.

His exhibition “In the Name of Freedom” opened September 17 in Dubai. Diab says he was unable to get a visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates, so he had to remain in Syria.

In a telephone interview Diab said his new works “are inspired by what’s going on across the Arab world, politics is in everything.”

“My artwork reflects not only what is happening in Syria but what has happened in all the Arab world. One of the artist’s duties is to follow the problems, the worries, the suffering and present it in his work.

“The fact of living inside the situation makes me able to show it better. I can talk about all the suffering that has happened here and also on the other side of the world,” he added.


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