Project name: “America 1979”

Country: USA

Project description:

“America 1979” is a short narrative film about a girl who experiences racism at school, and how it trickles down through her family. What makes this film different, is that the girl is Iranian American, and it takes place during the Hostage Crisis of 1979.

Filmmaker Lila Yomtoob has directed one feature film, “High Life,” and several short films that have screened at festivals and galleries around the U.S. and Canada. She works professionally as a producer and marketing consultant for independent films. Previous to producing, Ms. Yomtoob worked in sound editorial on over 40 films, and received an Emmy Award for HBO’s “Baghdad ER.” This is her first film reflective of her Iranian American identity.

Founded (year):  2013

Project website:

Social media:

Funding campaign (if any):

Read an interview with the film’s creator, Lila Yomtoob:

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