We love Fekra²’s desire to push crowd-driven collaboration and innovation

across business, governments, and NGOs in the region


Project name: Fekra²

Country: Egypt

Project description: Fekra² is the first tech startup in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to offer crowd-driven and collaboration-based innovation solutions. The company helps businesses, non-profits, and governments innovate better and efficiently solve their challenges by letting them use the brainpower of a large pool of innovators outside their organizations to problem solve.

Fekra²’s first product “SolverMine” allows solution seekers to solicit solutions to problems facing their organizations via prize-based competitions. Problems are posted with well-defined solution requirements and contain a clear reward definition. Pools of solvers, including scientists, researchers, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs and students, submit their solutions and the best one receives the award.

Fekra²’s is driven by its co-founders’ belief in the ability of the masses to collectively work on challenges that would otherwise be very costly to tackle especially in times of economic downturns and low investments in human capital.

Founded (year): 2012

Project website: http://www.fekra2.com

Social media: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Fekra2; Twitter: @Fekra2



Listen to our recent interview with Fekra² CEO Sabrine Assem


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