We love TABO Palestine’s efforts to democratize land ownership in the West Bank for Palestinians


Project name: TABO Palestine

Country of Origin: Occupied Palestinian Territories, West Bank

Project description: By making land affordable to purchase, with full legal title, TABO Palestine meets an important need in the West Bank. Land prices inside major Palestinian cities have increased dramatically while, outside the major cities, land in and around the West Bank’s villages is not part of any master plan and is available for purchase only in very large parcels. On top of this, 70% of the West Bank is non-registered land, without title deed. All these factors have conspired to make land purchase in Palestine unaffordable and difficult for most Palestinians.

TABO Palestine, which is a division of UCI, a Palestinian real estate and investment company, has transformed numerous plots of land surrounding the city of Ramallah into Master Planned Communities. UCI offers parceled title deed plots at an average net area of one dunum (1,000 m2) – all designated residential. All of UCI’s Master Plans provide public services that include green areas, public areas, and internal roads, providing space, proper planning, and proper access to each plot.

UCI handles the entire title deed transfer process for all its customers, making it possible for Palestinians to purchase land in Palestine from anywhere around the world, and removing the burden of registering a title deed in Palestine.

Using the TABO website, prospective buyers can learn about the various plots and view pictures of the land, including 3D aerial photos.

Founded (year): 2011

Project website: http://www.tabo.ps

Social media: Twitter: @TaboPalestine



Listen to our recent podcast interview with TABO’s founder Khaled Al Sabawi



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