Project Name: THE LITTLE BOOK OF KABUL by Francesca Recchia and Lorenzo Tugnoli.


Country: Afghanistan


Project Description:


There is more to Afghanistan than war and violence. There is a rich and diverse culture that news and media seem to forget. There are artists, craftsmen, designers, musicians who struggle everyday to preserve a sense of normality that allows for the expression of their creativity. The Little Book of Kabul is a book project that aims to reveal this hidden face of the city. A book of photos and words, of visual and textual snapshots that wants to tell the story of Kabul from a different angle.


After long discussions, we chose to work with film photography: in black and white, small and medium format. Drawings and pencil/ink sketches are the main source of inspiration. The same goes for the text: not a lengthy essay, but a collection of snapshots, of small portraits of details that combine into a complex collage about the daily reality that creative people experience in Kabul.


The Little Book of Kabul looks toward the future, towards the 2014 transition. There is a lot of international interest in questions of youth, art and culture in Afghanistan. Foreign governments and NGOs are investing in these fields, but very few people are thinking about the sustainability of this model. We want to take a critical stand on this and try and look at what is there beyond the international circles. What will be left after 2014? And what can cultural practices really contribute to this political phase?


To answer these questions, The Little Book of Kabul follows the daily activities of a number of creative people who live in Kabul. We will spend time with them, ask questions, share time and experiences that will be then collected in small poetic fragments and portraits.


We are keeping a diary of our research on our blog so that readers can see the progress of the research and feel part of an endeavour they are contributing to make possible.


Support the Project: So far, the project has received a lot of encouraging feedback and moral support. However, working in Kabul is very expensive and we are currently self-funded. This is why we have started an Indiegogo campaign to help cover travel costs, accommodation and translation. Each contribution can really make a difference. At the $59 level, supporters can purchase a copy of the book in advance.


Founded: 2012


Project website:


Social media: Twitter: @LbofK; Facebook:


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