Project name: Volunteer Connection Project

Country: Egypt

Project description: The Volunteer Connection Project (VCP), which began as a Commitment to Action at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative University meeting, builds bridges between skilled university student volunteers and grassroots NGOs in Cairo, Egypt.

Volunteers make sustainable contributions to the non-profit sector in Egypt by completing short-term projects, ranging from training employees and long-term volunteers to developing workshops for long-term training needs.

Through this model, VCP aims to optimize the social impact of partner NGOs, helping them reach performance goals and streamline operations. VCP also gives university students the opportunity to apply their creativity, enthusiasm, and knowledge to real-world problems, and engage in rewarding cultural experiences. Ultimately, VCP aims to break cultural barriers and advance global development by increasing the cross-cultural exchange of information and ideas.

Founded (year): 2012


Project website:


Social media:


To learn more about VCP, check out this in-depth article by project founder, Zeinab El Tobgui.

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