Whether published in a newspaper, posted on an on-line magazine, or photocopied for an academic course packet, Muftah’s articles provide invaluable insight into the inner-life of the countries, cultures, and peoples of the Middle East and North Africa regions.  Muftah is pleased to make its content available for reprints, syndication, and other reuse requests, consistent with the terms listed below

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Users may make one machine-readable copy and one print copy of occasional articles solely for personal, noncommercial use.

Users may print or reproduce discrete portions (up to three paragraphs or 10 sentences per article, whichever is greater) of Muftah Materials published on this site, solely for purposes of commentary or analysis, so long as proper credit is given to Muftah by inclusion of the phrase “Used with the permission of Muftah, http://muftah.org.”  No user is authorized to change the material or the meaning of materials appearing on Muftah.  If these conditions are observed, Muftah will consider the reproduction to be “fair use”.

Users may post a text-only hyperlink to an article or other item on the Muftah website; however, Muftah reserves the right to revoke such permission for links at any time.

Any reproduction, printing, or other use of any Muftah Materials for any other purposes not discussed herein requires the prior written permission of Muftah.  Please contact us at [email protected] for such requests.

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[Updated February 18, 2010]