Taken during the protests at the US Embassy on Friday.

After protests over the anti-Islam film escalated in Cairo and Tunis earlier this week, demonstrators also attacked the US Embassy in Yemen on Thursday. Hundreds of protesters stormed the embassy in Sanaa and, even though the buildings are  heavily fortified, protesters managed to enter its premises. Inside the embassy’s courtyard, protesters burned the American flag, set cars on fire and looted buildings. Three days after the attack, it has become clear that the protesters heading towards the embassy faced little resistance. This video appears to show, how security guards did not hinder protesters from passing through security barricades. This picture (above) of a Yemeni newspaper appears to show a protester taking a friendly picture of security forces at the embassy.

While the exact details and background of the events at the US Embassy in Sanaa remain in the shadows, there are certain clues that point to the involvement of Saleh and his loyalists within the security apparatus. Iona Craig, British journalist based in Sanaa, takes a close look at this connection in her for Foreign Policy.

As a reaction to the attacks, Washington sent an elite marine team to Sanaa to protect the embassy.  And on Friday, one day after the attack, a drone was sighted over Sanaa for the first time. A video and picture of the drone have been spreading on Facebook since yesterday.


This picture was spread on Facebook yesterday. Link was provided by Marie-Christine Heinze.

Today, another drone was sighted and photographed by Haykal Bafana, a lawyer and political activist based in Sanaa.  He witnessed the drone flying over Haddah, the southern part of Sanaa this afternoon.

Taken by Haykal Bafana, September 15 in south Sanaa

As a reaction to the sighting, Bafana tweeted today: “I have no idea why US drones are flying over Sanaa. But many here will view it as a threat of war. This will not end well. “



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