(Photo Credit: Cabrini College)

A new report from the Pew Research Center suggests that social media users in the Middle East (specifically Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan) use social media to discuss politics “at nearly twice the rate” of their counterparts in North America and Europe. A summary of the report, released by the Washington Post, can be found here.

While it remains difficult to assess the impact of social media use on political reform, the survey’s conclusions complement findings from a report released by the Dubai School of Government (DSG) earlier this year. In eight countries surveyed by the DSG, roughly one-third to one-half of respondents indicated that “social media played a role in empowering me to influence change in my community/country.” Similarly, roughly half of all respondents indicated that social media use made them “more open to tolerating different points of view.” The DSG report can be found here.

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