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The Trump administration’s so-called “Deal of the Century” for Palestine is approaching its official announcement.

In an opinion piece for Al Jazeera English, writer and analyst Ramzy Baroud points out that the “deal” has never been intended as a peace plan. Instead, it is “a new Sykes-Picot that aims to divide and weaken the Arabs once more so that Israel may reign supreme a while longer.” He goes on to write:

It is yet another American imperial undertaking that is driven by the misguided notion that it is in the best interest of the American people that Israel remains the regional hegemon and is enabled to swallow the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Just like British-French colonial designs, Baroud expects that the latest plan will be rejected by Arab populations, including Palestinians. While many Arab political leaders have accepted Israeli colonization and occupation, the masses remain dedicated to the Palestinian struggle.

As Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others are pushing for normalisation with Israel without the issue of Palestinian statehood being resolved, the Arab people outright reject any such concessions.

As a consequence, he predicts the plan “will likely fuel popular anger and endanger the survival of Arab regimes.”

Baroud stresses the ongoing violent subjugation of Palestinians by Israel, and the significance of Palestine as a “meeting point” for popular Arab opposition against Western colonialism and Zionism.

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