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  • michasea

    Please state your sources. The majority of opinions being passed as facts appear to be sourced back to the Iranian government. This is another outdated, recycled article attempting to slander the MEK. We get it, Tehran is furious over the fact that the only opposition group that they fear was able to bring Faisal to its annual gathering. It’s upset that US Pastor and former prisoner Saeed Abedini made an appearance and called for the regimes downfall. It really bothers them that the legitimate Syrian opposition has its closest relationship with MEK.

    Instead of slandering opposition groups, perhaps you and the Iranian lobby in the US should focus more attention on the stoning, rape, and executions that have grown in the country. I don’t see very many articles being written about the genocide the Iranian regime is committing against women and children in Syria? I guess that’s not important because economic interests that hide behind slandering opposition groups are first priority.