Iraqi Prime Minister Haider el Abadi visited Jordan this past weekend. While there, he met separately with His Majesty King Abdullah II and the Jordanian Prime Minister Abdallah Ensour to discuss the ongoing security crisis caused by the Islamic State (IS), the conflict in Syria, and the strengthening of bilateral relations (particularly economic cooperation) between Iraq and Jordan.

Jordan has not formally joined the nine-country military coalition against the Islamic State, though it is one of ten Arab countries that have agreed to stop the flow of funds and sympathetic fighters to IS. During his meeting with the Jordanian Prime Minister, Abadi told his counterpart that “increased cooperation” was needed in order to properly confront IS.

During his meeting with Abadi, King Abdullah also highlighted the importance of Iraqi unity, and reiterated Jordan’s commitment to the country. Both men stressed the importance of a comprehensive political solution to the Syrian conflict that guaranteed the country’s territorial integrity as well as its political unity.

Also on the agenda was the oil pipeline project between Jordan and Iraq. According to the project’s parameters, the coastal Jordanian city of Aqaba would be used as a strategic port for the export of Iraqi oil, of which Jordan would receive a specific amount. Prime Ministers Ensour and Abadi stressed their commitment to the project, though implementation has been stalled since the beginning of this year, largely because of the security situation. At the moment, there is still no start date for the pipeline’s construction.

Prime Minister Ensour stressed that Jordan would not interfere in Iraqi domestic issues, even though a significant portion of the meeting focused on terrorism in the region.

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