Today, we at Muftah have had the humbling privilege to bring you a number of pieces from Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment (OpAntiSH), an organization founded in Egypt in November 2012 to fight against the onslaught of sexual harassment taking place during protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The issue is a disturbing and complex one, but, sadly, far from unique to Egypt or this particular moment in time – women’s bodies have long been the site of political contestation in countries and societies throughout history.

Nevertheless, in Egypt, and especially in Tahrir Square, the problem has reached epidemic proportions.

The video below is a public service announcement of sorts from OpAntiSH, capturing the brutality and violence of a group sexual assault as it unfolds in Tahrir Square and calling upon Egyptians to stand up against these acts of violence. As the narrator reminds and urges her audience,

We will not be silenced

We will not be broken

We will not shy away

There are mob sexual assaults in Tahrir Square

Come and stand against the rapists because we do not plan to hide in our homes

This is our square, this is our revolution, and we will fight this battle to the last breath


For more on OpAntiSH’s work as well as testimonials from women assaulted inside the Square, please see “Heroes of Tahrir: Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment” and “Testimony from a Survivor of a Group Sexual Assault in Tahrir Square

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