Muftah, a fast growing digital media publishing site, is looking for an experienced technologist to design and implement the foundations for the next generation of our technology platform. We are looking for someone who can define a platform that is aligned with our strategic objectives, identify the staff and tools necessary to implement it, and manage the build out.

Muftah launched in May 2010 to push back against the less than stellar mainstream, Western reporting on the Middle East/North Africa. We have since expanded to Eastern Europe/Central Asia and plan to continue extending our work to other parts of the world that are similarly misunderstood or misrepresented by traditional media outlets.  Read more about our mission here.

Interested candidates should email [email protected] with a CV and brief statement of interest.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop technology strategy and ensure all supporting efforts are in alignment with it
  • Identify and manage necessary technology providers, including staff, vendor, and system resources
  • Plan and oversee the rollout of new technology driven business initiatives which may include ad delivery, e-commerce, subscription models, and content syndication

Technology Department General Responsibilities

  • Ensuring continuity and availability of production resources, including security, capacity, and scaling planning
  • Managing website updates and upgrades and supporting the network of authors
  • Managing analytics and ensuring that all data points required to inform short and long term business objects are being captured
  • Providing ongoing SEO research, auditing, and guidance for content authors
  • Managing digital marketing tools such as email marketing systems
  • Support enterprise services including email


  • A thorough understanding of both current trends and the cutting edge in digital publishing and related technology
  • Ten years of experience managing and implementing information systems
  • Three  years of experience with content management systems
  • An understanding of modern digital concerns including analytics, ad distribution networks, SEO/SEM, and e-commerce
  • Experience managing both in-house and external resources

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