“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”

– Vladimir Lenin

“Weeks Where Decades Happen” (WWDH) is back. It’s been one week since Donald Trump became president and holy mother of God: if there’s ever been a week where decades happen that was it.

Your hosts are Muftah’s editor-in-chief, Maryam Jamshidi, and our head of content partnership, Randa Elian – two women who are just as comfortable in a bunker as they are in a penthouse. As Americans who happen to be Muslims with roots in the Middle East, Maryam and Randa feel strongly that what America needs right is not fewer, but MORE, Middle Easterners who can hold their hands through this autocratic nightmare.

Maryam and Randa also see the humor and silver-lining (singular, not plural) in all the mayhem. In this episode, they discuss the major events of the first week, including Trump’s Muslim Ban, the effects on them, as Middle Eastern women, as well as the epic resistance coming from Americans across the country.

To learn more about the motivations behind this podcast series, read our introductory post here.

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